I’m a christian, meaning I’m a follower of the teachings of Jesus Christ, God the Father, and the Holy Spirit. This also means that I celebrate Easter, meaning Jesus crucifixion and resurrection, not the Easter Bunny. In fact, this has bothered me for a number of years, but could never quite put my finger on it. Why do other Christians dress up in pastel colors, go to church, hunt eggs, take pictures with a person dressed up in a bunny consume, give out candy in the shape of a bunny…etc? Never has this made any sense, from a Christian worldview. Sure, it’s spring. So bunnies come out and reproduce like crazy. The trees and flowers are in full (pastel color) bloom. But I’M A CHRISTIAN. Thus, I’m about Jesus. Like the church SHOULD BE. To my knowledge, the bible says nothing about bunnies nor does the crucifixion have anything to do with pastel colors.

Ok, I get your point, bunnies and church don’t really mix, but you aren’t the first person to say this. Besides, Easter is culture. So, do all that culture stuff and still celebrate the “true” meaning of Easter.

I would consider that the common answer you would hear people give, mixing in stuff like, it’s fun for the kids to hunt eggs or dressing up (as a family?) is nice.

Let me offer an alternative thought. Jesus was a Jew. Jews have celebrated Passover since they were liberated from slavery in Egypt. Passover specifically being, as it applies here, the application of blood to the door posts so that the LORD would not strike you down. For Christians, Jesus crucifixion is our passover and his resurrection is our hope. Thus we could consider celebrating, not Easter, but passover. The old testament instructs to do so forever. Jesus also took passover with his disciples before his death and, in comparison, we too are to celebrate the same meal.

So…why do we even celebrate Easter? I mean, where’d Christians get that idea? I’m guessing it goes back to good ole’ King James. Look here at Acts 12:4 and the different translations. Each translate to Passover and not Easter, that is, except for King James Version. Take a quick peek at the Greek and we see no mention of Easter. Beyond that, history would have to tell us how it happened. Suffice to say, it’s not rooted in anything the bible teaches.

Does that mean it’s wrong to celebrate Easter (spring)? For me, I see it as an area where I am to be set apart. Just please be sure that your children know the true meaning.

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