Remote Windows Server Event Log Access

For most when asked to access the Event Log on a remote server they’re going to RDP to the machine and open the Event Log. The next “advancement” is using their local Event Viewer, and going to Action > Connect to local computer. However, there’s an even better way. [Read More]


Today I delivered my daughter in the back seat of our Toyota Rav4 on the side of I-75. [Read More]

Advent Of Code with scriptcs and VS Code: Day 1

I've seen the Advent of Code floating around Twitter and it looked like some fun. Once I got around to attempting to solve the riddles, I really wanted to use C#...without Visual Studio.And everyone and their family, that has an interest in coding, knows about VS Code. I've also been reading about scriptcs but never really had a use for it. That is, until now. So I jumped out and quickly installed it. Then thanks to Filip W and his blog post on the scriptcs extension for VS Code, I was able to quickly and easily use it.So here's the solution for... [Read More]