While we were in Key West we stayed on a houseboat. This was my first experience doing that and it was an enjoyable one, well save for the fact that at times after leaving the boat I still felt like I was rocking. With the houseboat was a kayak (which my wife was super excited about). It seemed like a good idea to me until we got down there and I didn't see a good, fun, usefulness for it. My wife however still wanted to take it out in the water.

Under our houseboat there seemed to be a resident barracuda. I don't really like the water or the unknown animals but knowing that I'm not actually in the water doesn't scare me. Therefore, seeing this little guy was fun. He was more scared of us anyway, as we would walk out and he would swim away. We saw him often the whole week. Sarah also saw a barracuda while were were snorkeling. She got out of the water fast, even though there are many counts of barracudas being freindly, they also attack. If you're interested in them you can check this article out that I found and read the comments as well. It was a very interesting read for me.