Life has been crazy busy but after a much needed relaxing weekend I've come to post about a time lapse video I randomly decided to create. We made it to a beautiful cabin in the mountains of North Carolina. There was a spot that was absolutely perfect for watching a sun rise and I got the idea to create my first time lapse video.

Off the top of the head I knew the basics, you take a picture every so often, compile it together to make a video. What I didn't think about was the fact that most videos are 30 fps (frames per second). What does that mean? You need 30 pictures for every second or 300 pictures for 10 seconds of video. In case you didn't realize, that's a lot of pictures. How many pictures did I have? 114. So I decided to do 15 fps which would give me a 7.6 second video and that's what you're going to get to witness in all it's glory.

I created this video using Time Lapse Assembler that I found when reading a post about time lapse videos. However, I didn't follow many of the steps given. I pretty much put all the pictures in one folder, pointed the app to the folder, changed the fps to 15, hit Encode, and sat back for a single drink of coffee before it was done (I've got an SSD in my macbook pro). I decided against adding music for the simple fact that it was a 8 second video. The first thing that sticks out at me if I was to do this same situation over is to start earlier so the video begins dark.

Hope you enjoy!