A Jesus Follower, family man, and technologist. The latter leading to a diverse interest in anything technology can affect. Name a technology and Carlo as tried it, has it on his list to try, or is going to add what you mention to his list. He loves macOS and tolerates Windows but loves the platform Microsoft provides.

At work he currently enjoys all things web, being involved in software architecture, and servers/networking when they will let him. He is also passionate about communication, learning, and teaching, which lead him to help start, Tech Talks, an internal monthly presentation program at his current company. It focuses on bringing the wealth of knowledge in the company to the forefront of as many employees as possible. More recently, his skillset has allowed him to assist the company on a DevOps journey where he has become fascinated with what it means and how it impacts companies.

He is also a remote worker, an assistant high school boys basketball coach, and non-profit board member. Books reviewed include: Learning Xamarin Studio, Full Stack Development with ASP .NET Core 3 and React 17