Battle of Closet Space (DoghouseDiaries)

Ok, so the latest DoghouseDiaries comic is about the battle of closet space. While it's extremely funny, it's not in accurate in the kingdom that is my house. Here you see the original but following is my newly updated drawing:However this seems to be what is accurate in my kingdom:

Tales of a Macbook

For all of my bashing of Apple, there is one thing I have to say, my wife loves her Macbook. She's still using the aluminum version before it was officially a Macbook Pro. Sporting the Core 2 Duo and a recently upgraded 4 GB RAM (which now allows her to avoid what she calls the spinning wheel of death). She's sad that it doesn't have an SD card slot but a quick order from got her fixed up in a few days. The battery has been replaced once, but it was more due to the fact that she wasn't... [Read More]

A Good Life Lesson

A good life lesson. If people would follow this model, less people would have hurt feelings.