Searching with PowerShell

Recently, while cleaning up a database, I found myself doing a lot of manual searching in some code to see if stored procedures existed. Like any good Computer Scientist, automation came to mind. Who really wants to manually complete a task that can be automated? Then came my recent superhero, PowerShell, to the rescue.First, was to check to see if it could be done. Sure, it seemed obvious enough (at least to me) that it could be. Otherwise PowerShell was about to loose it's name. Having worked enough with it previously the real question was, Can PowerShell search an entire directory recursively?... [Read More]

20 Requirements for Working in IT

What do you think should be some requirements for working in IT? What about just tools that you can use when your aunt wants you to work on something computer related for her? This was just a thought that popped up with me recently. This thought came to mind because a brother who works in IT doesn't have a Twitter account but my sister does. Let it be clear that I'm not trying to shoot down my brother here, but rather just thinking about things an IT person can do to be at their best. Now some of these may... [Read More]