Powershell: The Not So Obvious

These are a list of things that, to me, seem different than C# or not obvious. Otherwise you should be able to follow very similar to C#.Cmdlets follow a standard "Verb-Noun" naming convention.Get help for a particular command:get-help [cmdlet]To filter most any results you can:use where-object and the property of the object needs to be referenced as $_.[propertyname]Get all PowerShell commands:get-command | where-object { $_.commandtype -eq "cmdlet"}F7 shows the history bufferUseful parameters most all cmdlets have:-whatif – Cmdlet is not actually executed, provides information about “what would happen” if executed.-confirm - Prompt user before executing cmdlet.-Verbose - Provides more detail.-debug - Provides debugging information.-ErrorAction -... [Read More]
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SharePoint Calendar and PowerShell

As I continue to work with SharePoint, I continue to find that PowerShell is handy tool. The more I use PowerShell the more powerful I find it to be in general.In this scenario, I was tasked to send a daily email of the events of the day on a given calendar. I realize that this seems counter productive, as the users could easily just look at SharePoint, however I don't call the shots. So, I took my task to heart and after exhausting my ideas someone suggested PowerShell. DING! Why hadn't I thought of that? I guess I still wasn't convinced... [Read More]

SharePoint and Powershell: Making Life Easier

There's no two ways about it, SharePoint has not been fun for me. I don't know if it's because it's a monster or if I just don't enjoy dealing with it. What I can tell you is that it seems like there's some type of issue at every corner I turn and every time I try to do something simple it seems to take 2x or 3x the amount of work it seems like it should. With that said, using PowerShell with SharePoint was a blast.While converting data, I was faced with the task of moving over a bunch of... [Read More]