DateTime Confusion and SQL

 That is not what I thought when I read the announcement. Off the top of your head, If I asked you what the time would be in a datetime for midnight what would you say?12:00:00...not sure why I say that. It would make more sense as 00:00:00 but you said off the top of my headAnd the confusion begins. The question first came up because a user asked me to start and stop something. Here's what the user responded when I asked the question "What should I set the dates to be?":1/1/2012 12:01 AM1/31/2012 12:00 PMNow, in hindsight, I could have asked... [Read More]
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SQL 2008 R2 SSRS Subscription Email Issue

When a user with the Browser role added a subscription, it would fail when sending an email.I recently had this issue with SSRS Subscriptions in SQL 2008 R2. My initial search landed me in an MSDN article that seemed to be telling me:If you are using an SMTP server or forwarder that uses e-mail accounts that are different from the domain user account, the report delivery will fail when the SMTP server tries to deliver the report to that user.Based on this, I submitted this information to our network guys to make sure this wasn't the issue (as I don't manager our... [Read More]

Upgrading to an SSD

SSD = Solid State DriveIf you know anything about computers, you know that hard drives are moving the way of the SSD and the rest of your storage is going to the cloud (unless you need a ton of store for some reason).The change is happening because of speed. Hard drives contain a lot of small moving parts which cause them to be slower by their very nature. Where as an SSD is more like the RAM that is in your computer. Wiki gives a good comparison of the two but the biggest drawback of an SSD is that it doesn't hold as much information.Now,... [Read More]