Xamarin: Custom Commands

Today I was trying to add a custom command to a Xamarin.iOS project I have been working on. I wanted to run a script to automate some post build things when doing an Ad-Hoc deployment.Seemingly easy enough, the first step was to write and test the script. Done. Now to attach it to the custom command during post build. Also easy enough, putting the command in just like it is being called from the terminal. Even checking the "Run on external console" so the script would be visible that it ran. Xamarin references it as "After Execute" but that makes... [Read More]

Continuous Integration Builds using Jenkins for Xamarin.iOS

The first thing you'll need is a spare OS X machine. There happened to be a Mac Mini laying around to use.The first thing I did was to install Jenkins. Once installed I created a folder to do all of the builds in. Note that Jenkins creates a user. I created the folder here: /Users/Shared/Build/. Make sure that you give read and write permissions to the jenkins user that was created.Now download Team Explorer Everywhere (TEE)Copy TEE it to the newly created folder (/Users/Shared/Build/)Run the following commands in the command line to accept the eula of tf and allow the build to... [Read More]

Xamarin.iOS: My Experience

I've recently had the opportunity to use Xamarin.iOS (formerly known as monotouch) to develop an iPad application. Let me start by saying, I've never written an iOS application before. I had previously seen some Objective-c, read about it and it's beginnings, and knew that it was based on a MVC model.I once owned an iPad 1 (as well as an iPhone for 2 short weeks before it broke) but it just wasn't useful for me. Since those days, I've taken a long hiatus from Apple's iOS products. They were severely under featured for my tastes and the Android ecosystem has most always... [Read More]