Economy of House Lights

We recently bought a new place of residence (and already sold the previous one thankfully). After getting our first full electric bill that equaled the bill from our other house (the new house has gas heat and the old one had electric), I decided I should look into the amount of money we're spending on lighting the house.I quickly remembered a blog post from Scott Hanselman about the cost of lighting. I downloaded his template but since I don't use Microsoft Office (because I use Google Docs) I needed to convert it to a Google Spreadsheet. After doing that I decided... [Read More]

Android Battery Drain

I have had several people ask me or complain to me about battery drain on their Android device. The beauty of Android (power and customization) also means that sometimes you can make things worse for yourself and never realize it. What I am going to do it attempt to outline many of the things one can do to save battery life.Battery UsageFirst, it would be helpful to know the built in tools Android has. You can check your battery level and usage by going to Menu > Battery. Here it will show you the batteries usage since the last full... [Read More]

Writing a Windows Service on a Timer with .Net

Creating the ServiceI recently was tasked with writing a Windows Service. I had never done this before but it seemed to me that it couldn't be that difficult. So I did what any good software engineer would do. I fired up Visual Studio 2012, opened my sample solution I use to test code in, and added a new project selecting the Windows Service template. After this new project is created you start out with several files and I quickly realized I should probably read a tutorial on what to do. A quick google search lead me to an MSDN article.... [Read More]