PowerShell and SQL

I recently wanted to run some SQL on a regular basis, like you would do with SSRS and subscriptions. However, I didn't have an implementation of SSRS installed, a server to install it to, or a desire to install it on my local machine to simply get a report at a regular interval. So, I thought through other options and pretty quickly decided to try to use PowerShell and a scheduled task, outputting my results to HTML. I had already written the queries I wanted to use for the data, so my next step was to figure out how to... [Read More]

Developing an Android App using PhoneGap

Since Android was introduced I've been excited about the platform because iOS was always so limited it what you could do, you know the whole "walled garden" thing. Tinkering, exploring, and creating have always been my thing. Also, the Windows Mobile phones of the time were large and chunky with poor resistive touch screens. So, naturally I always wanted to write an app for Android but it always seemed to involve so much time trying to learn a new language (well I already somewhat knew Java) and a new platform/environment/ecosystem. Just because I knew and had previously done Java I... [Read More]

Setup your own site/blog with custom domain name (URL)

So I was talking with my cousin this weekend and he mentioned that he thought about starting a blog or a website but he didn't want to do it mostly because it's so expensive and time consuming. My brother and I were standing there and just looked at each other like, anybody knows how to do this, right?! Then it hit us both at the same time, not everyone realizes how to do something so simple. So I decided to dedicate a blog post to it. Keep in mind that what is shown here is by no means the ONLY... [Read More]