Berea College '06

Last weekend, I had the privilege to be on a Math and Computer Science panel at my alma mater Berea College. It was an honor to be among students, past professors, and peers as well as chosen to be part of such a panel. I graduated with an independent major in Computer and Information Science (CIS) in 2006. Since then, the program has more than doubled but I found that there still seems to be a lack of direct knowledge that translates to the work force. What I mean by this is that while students are taught to think in... [Read More]

Apple Copies Android, Tries to Keep Up

I'm a phone junkie. I like to read about them, see what's going to be released next, compare different phones, and carriers. It probably drives my wife a little insane at times. So naturally, when Apple was doing their big announcement I wanted to watch what they were releasing. Also, because specifically for Apple, I've noticed that their announcements are tied directly to changes in their stock.I'm going to go through the event in order, thanks to Engadget, and pick out that things that really struck me.The first thing I saw was that the "Mobile Installed Base" was iOS 43% and Android... [Read More]

SQL Server Agent Sending Error Emails

I've been having an issue recently and I just decided to try to address it today. It was on a development server so I wasn't that concerned with it. My problem was that when errors were happening it wasn't sending out an email letting me know. I check the job to make sure that it was setup to email the error. It was. So then after a little searching I found that in the SQL Server Agent properties there's a setting to enable the mail profile. This wasn't enabled. Once I enabled it and restarted the agent all worked well!... [Read More]