SQL Server Denali: Reporting Confusion

Here’s some links from some research I did. Looks like the one thing from SQL Server Denali that we might actually want would be the increased functionality for reporting purposes.This link will give you what’s new in Reporting Services in Denali and talks about how Crescent is Reporting Services’ new reporting tool, however here it also looks like there’s not really any changes in the CTP for SSRS specifically. In fact, here we see that there are no major enhancements for Reporting Services are included in Denali CTP1. It’s a little fuzzy to me what Project Crescent falls under, but... [Read More]

Loan Amortization - Google Docs Template

So to veer off the SharePoint theme for a moment I wanted to share something that I borrowed and improved.There's a Google Doc template that I found to make a loan amortization table. It shows you the progress of your loan on a monthly interval; How much interest and principle you pay each payment and when the loan will end.I took this template and I made my own template of something that would work for my needs. I wanted something that would also allow me to add additional amounts at different time periods to see how that would affect my... [Read More]

Giada A50 Nettop

I recently purchased a Giada A50 Nettop with the new AMD Fusion chip in it. I was wanting something small to replace a rather large desktop I was previously using as an HTPC. I had considered purchasing a Mac Mini because of it's size and specs until I ran across this nettop. The price was nice too.Here's the unboxing of it:Here's the windows experience index: Here's the windows experience index for a studio xps laptop with a 2.4 Ghz core 2 duo: [Read More]