Adding SharePoint 2010 Lists that aren't part of the Template

This morning I was trying to add a discussion board to a site that I created with the Publishing with Workflow template. I couldn't seem to find the discussion board web part. I eventually figured it out and below are the steps that I took to do it.1. Go to Site Actions > Site Settings2. Site Actions > Manage Site Features3. Enable Team Collaboration Lists4. Site Actions > Edit in SharePoint Designer > Lists and Libraries5. SharePoint List > Discussion BoardNow if you go back to a page and try to add a web part then you should be able... [Read More]

SharePoint 2010 AutoSPInstaller

I recently used the AutoSPInstaller from Codeplex to install SharePoint 2010. While the documentation for using it was pretty good, I found that it didn't quite cover everything and that I changed some things. Don't get me wrong, I may have done some things wrong but here's what I did.Follow Steps 1-5 in the link. It covers:Extracting the SharePoint 2010 isoAdding the prerequisite files (here's a list I used)ADONETDataServices_v15_CTP2_RuntimeOnly.exedotnetfx35.exeFilterPack32bit.exeFilterPack64bit.exeiis7psprov_x64.msiMSChart.exeMSSpeech_SR_en-US_TELE.msirsSharePoint.msiSpeechPlatformRuntime.msisqlncli.msiSQLSERVER2008_ASADOMD10.msiSynchronization.msiWindows6.0-KB968930-x64.msuWindows6.0-KB974405-x64.msuWindows6.0-KB976394-x64.msuWindows6.1-KB974405-x64.msuWindows6.1-KB976462-v2-x64.msuAdding updates (which is where I added the SP1 to slipstream it)Accounts1.       Make sure that you have each of these AD accounts created:a.       Farm Accountb.      Service Accountc.       Crawl Accountd.      Search AccountPrepare the... [Read More]

Creating a New Site Collection with a New Content Database in SharePoint 2010

Sometimes SharePoint overwhelms me and so I track some of the cool or hard stuff that I do and capture it here. This is once such instance. This morning we needed to create a new site collection where we wanted to house all of our team sites. The purpose of this was to put the site collection in a different database. Sounds simple enough right? Problem is you can't just create or even select a new content database when creating a new site collection.So off to PowerShell we go. Now we need to create the content database first and here... [Read More]