Upgrading Drawsaur to PhoneGap Cordova 3.3.0

I recently had a request to update one of the plugs used for saving images. Considering I hadn't worked on the project in 6 months or more I decided to accept the challenge.It turns out the challenge was more about upgrading the project to work with 3.3 than it was upgrading the plug. You can read the Cordova docs, but basically they've changed the way plug-ins work. You now define plug-ins in the config.xml file. In this situation, the ShareImage needed to be placed into this file like this: feature name="ShareImage" param name="android-package" value="org.apache.cordova.ShareImage" / /featureYou can see more about... [Read More]

Programming and a Computer Science Degree

Okay, now that HTML and CSS are behind, what should I learn next (for developing an interactive website) - JavaScript or PHP? or something else...I ran across this question that someone posted a while back (actually, almost a year ago). I responded to the question, however my response was more in general toward people who want to learn programming and trying to understand where to start. I read it again recently and felt like it was a pretty good thought so I wanted to repost it here.Relate it to being a carpenter (I'm not a carpenter but my father was... [Read More]

Xamarin: Custom Commands

Today I was trying to add a custom command to a Xamarin.iOS project I have been working on. I wanted to run a script to automate some post build things when doing an Ad-Hoc deployment.Seemingly easy enough, the first step was to write and test the script. Done. Now to attach it to the custom command during post build. Also easy enough, putting the command in just like it is being called from the terminal. Even checking the "Run on external console" so the script would be visible that it ran. Xamarin references it as "After Execute" but that makes... [Read More]