Sharing Content with PhoneGap Plugin on Android

If you've been following my blog, you'll know that I have been working on an Android app called Drawsaur using PhoneGap. I wanted to implement a way for users to share their drawings with other in the same way you share other content on Android. That lead me to a plugin for sharing content. The problem was that it did not quite work for me following the directions out of the box. However, I had previously used a plugin in my application. So I combined that with what was given to me to get it to work. I also had to... [Read More]

Upgrading PhoneGap Plugin for Saving Images

If you missed my initial post about Saving Images from PhoneGap then you can go check it out (it is not very long). After I created the plugin however, I was getting warnings in eclipse that the Plugin library had been depreciated. While it still worked, this obviously means that it will eventually go away. Being the bleeding edge of technology like I like to be, I wanted to find a way to upgrade it to what is current. Here's how I did it:First of all make sure you check out the original code for reference.Next the only class/file that... [Read More]