Setup your own site/blog with custom domain name (URL)

So I was talking with my cousin this weekend and he mentioned that he thought about starting a blog or a website but he didn't want to do it mostly because it's so expensive and time consuming. My brother and I were standing there and just looked at each other like, anybody knows how to do this, right?! Then it hit us both at the same time, not everyone realizes how to do something so simple. So I decided to dedicate a blog post to it. Keep in mind that what is shown here is by no means the ONLY... [Read More]

Key West: My Pet Barracuda

While we were in Key West we stayed on a houseboat. This was my first experience doing that and it was an enjoyable one, well save for the fact that at times after leaving the boat I still felt like I was rocking. With the houseboat was a kayak (which my wife was super excited about). It seemed like a good idea to me until we got down there and I didn't see a good, fun, usefulness for it. My wife however still wanted to take it out in the water.Under our houseboat there seemed to be a resident barracuda. I don't... [Read More]

Snorkeling in Key West

My absolute favorite part of Key West was snorkeling. I had never snorkeled before and this was a pretty awesome experience. In fact, I'm not really a water person in general but since my wife is I'm made an effort to be. Turns out to be a good thing for me. Check out our adventures below.